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How Not To Use A Label Printer: Black Panther Edition

There are examples all over the web of how not to use a label printer (we were responsible for one of them), yet Donald Neilson’s usage has to be the most sinister. With a string of violent offences to his name, who was he and what made him one of the most dangerous men in 1970s Britain?

Donald Neilson (his birth name  was Donald Nappey – he changed it when his daughter was born so she could avoid the same humiliation he endured whilst at school and serving in the military – nappy of course being the British word for what Americans call a diaper) was born in 1936 in Highley, Shropshire.  He failed to make it in his career as a builder and later as a taxi driver (the previous owner of the car was called Neilson, the source of Donald’s new surname), and consequently embarked on his new-found career.Continue Reading…

Awesome Viral Microsite Created For Dymo France

We spotted this on Youtube yesterday and felt it was so good we had to share it. As far as we’re aware, it was produced by the Belgian arm of digital agency Proximity Worldwide to demonstrate the simplicity of the Dymo Labelwriter. There’s more info on their blog (if you’re comfortable with what we think is Flemish!) According to the art director for the project, Jan De Coster, it appears to have won a CCB award which honours the best advertising campaigns in Belgium. Hats off to you, sir.

This image on Flickr explains things a little more.

Brother PT-1230 PC Label Printer Review

This product is discontinued. For our full range of current printers please click here.
Print Quality: 7-stars
Print Speed: 6-stars
Versatility: 5-stars
Ease of Setup: 9-stars
Ease of Use: 8-stars

Perhaps this little printer is the shape of things to come. It certainly gives new meaning to the word ‘portable’ as it can be moved around an office and plugged into any computer without software having to be installed first (which pleases the average IT department). However, there is a price to pay for this convenience, more of which later.

The printer is lightweight in construction and pleasing to handle, powered by six AAA cells (not supplied) and an optional power adaptor (not supplied), and comes with P-touch Editor Lite software for designing labels. When running from the battery, the printer shuts down after twenty minutes idle time to save power.
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Merging Database Fields For A Label In P-Touch Editor

Update: Watch the video tutorial above if screenshots don’t take your fancy.

This is one of the most useful features of the P-Touch Editor software, but is often overlooked. Today, you will learn how to create a label from an existing spreadsheet or database, saving you time and money. In our example, we’re using a label that we would use in our warehouse for labelling racking/shelving or for when new stock arrives.

Begin by creating a new layout from the top left menu.
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