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Kiteboarding & Brother P-Touch Labels?

At Labelzone HQ, we’re always on the lookout for imaginative and innovative ways in which people use their labels. It’s even more pleasing to see when someone’s ingenuity can potentially save the coastguard or RNLI time and money. Feeling lost? So was a lot of people’s water sports equipment, until someone had an idea, spawned from their passion for kiteboarding.

Firstly, what is kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding (or kitesurfing) is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, exploding in popularity in the last decade with an estimated 210,000 kiteboarders worldwide (as of September 2006, according to SBC Kiteboard). With influences drawing from more traditional water sports such as windsurfing and wakeboarding, its openness for participation around the UK has seen an abundance of professional competitions and an official association.Continue Reading…