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Mysterious Plant Growing Within Seconds

Take a look at the video below demonstrating how easy it is to produce a stick-in tags for your plant labelling. It appears that the plant is growing/moving upwards and outwards in the transition between 27 seconds and 29 seconds. The time between the two shots is only a couples of minutes in real time as I had to record the shot a couple of times to get it perfect. Is the plant growing or is it moving towards the lights at the side of our studio? Can plants actually grow this quickly? What is the fastest growing plant you’re aware of? Let us know in the comments section below.

LabelStation BarTender Video Tutorial of the Month

This month’s most popular video tutorial for BarTender users shows how to add different type text boxes to your label template.

Click here to play the video

If after viewing this video you need to refresh your memory, here is run down of the steps:

  1. Click the “A” icon drop-list.
  2. For a simple text box, select “Single Line”.
  3. Click the text box into the label template.
  4. Now click the text once to edit it.
  5. You can now center the text on the label, change the font face, size, bold, italic, underline and/or invert it.
  6. For a more advanced text box where different words and letters can have their own styles, choose “Multi-line” from the “A” drop-list.
  7. Remember, you can set up a prompt to change the data every time you print the label.

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