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Updated: Can Clear Tape Protect DT Print From Outdoor Elements?

IMG_20160523_164930It’s a question that’s only been asked maybe once or twice, but it’s a good question. Can a clear tape stuck on top of a direct thermal label protect it from UV, rain and other outdoor elements?

In theory I would have said yes it would protect it from rain, dirt and abrasion but not from the hot ultraviolet and infrared exposure of the sun.

Of course this meant some testing was to be done.

The Test

On the 2nd of May I printed a label on a Brother QL-560 I happen to have on my desk (any brand direct thermal label will most likely have the same effect). I also have a roll of clear polyester that in my drawer which was perfect for this test. I stuck the DT label on a smooth corner of our building that gets the morning and midday sun, then the clear polyester over the bottom half of the label. What happened over three weeks was rather interesting.

The Results

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LabelStation BarTender Video Tutorial of the Month

This month’s most popular video tutorial for BarTender users shows how to make quick automatic data duplication on one label.

Click here to play the video

  1. To have two identical copies of data on one label double click on the first object to open its properties
  2. Assign it with a unique but traceable “Object Name” (you’ll need this later)
  3. Click “Close” and double click the second object to open its properties
  4. Under “Data Sources” change the “Type” from “Embedded Data” to “Object Value” and select the “Object Name” as the unique traceable name from the first object.
  5. Click “Finish” and “Close”.
  6. The data you change in the first object will be duplicated into the second object. This is ideal for cable flag labels or having a separate human readable string of a barcode.

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