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Blooper Reel

Not all our videos are done in one take or on the first try. Naturally, a blooper can result in some foul language so I’ve compiled a clean blooper reel. My studio is located half way down a corridor between the office and warehouse, some of the bloopers are subtle such as my watch making its hourly chirp, or me tripping up on a word. It’s not hilarious but it certainly breaks the ice; after all, I’m only human. Enjoy!

Naturally there will be more outtakes to come.

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Brother GL-100, GL-200 and GL-H105 Label Printer Comparison

Older models

Current models

labelzone.co.uk GL-200 GL-H105
Tape sizes Up to 12mm Up to 12mm
Print speed 10mm per second 20mm per second
Lines of print Up to 2 Up to 2
Font styles 9 9
Fonts 1 1
Borders / frames 5 7
Keyboard type ABC ABC
Screen 1 line, large 1 line, large
Battery 6x AAA 6x AAA
Mains adaptor AD24 AD24

The differences between the GL-100 and the GL-200 few and far between. The GL-200 offers fast printing, more borders and a larger screen whereas the GL-100 has two fonts but won’t print onto 3.5mm tape sizes. The GL-200 also comes in kit form (also known as VP or Value Pack) including the UK mains power adaptor and a hard carry case. The GL-200 and the power adaptor separately could cost £5 more and you don’t even get the case for that price!

Whilst the GL-200 is still a current model, the GL-100 has been outgrown and been replaced with the GL-H105. This newer model can also be looked as a replacement for the GL-200, as and when that time comes, with all the same features, a faster print speed, and 2 extra borders. There really isn’t much between them but using the printer is what it all boils down to. The layout of the button and functionality of the printer has been improved making the GL-H105 easier and more intuitive to use.

Zebra GC420d & GK420d for Royal Mail DMO

Using a Zebra label printer with Royal Mail DMO (and other courier services such as Parcelforce, FedEx, DPD, UK Mail, UPS, Yodel and many more) couldn’t be easier.
Once you’ve got your labels setup, all you need to do is point your software to the printer. Many courier services produce a PDF document of your label which can easily be printed to any printer. The Zebra GC and GK series are by far the most intuitive and with it’s wide selection of bulk labels you’ll save yourself 4p per label!*

Once the printer is installed using with standard Windows Drivers (either from the included disc or via Windows Update), you then need to attach the printer to the DMO software. To do this see the DMO printer installation guide.


Some of the Zebra printers are being disguised as other, made-up models. The Zebra GK420d for example is being disguised as a ZP505 supplied by FedEx. The great thing about this is that we can supply the labels in bulk boxes suitable for this printer save you money. To find a selection of labels compatible with the GK and GC range, please visit our shop.

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* Based on 102mm x 152mm direct thermal Zebra bulk boxes compared to our smaller off-the-shelf rolls in similar quantities. Prices correct at time of publish.