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LabelStation BarTender Video Tutorial of the Month

This month’s most popular video tutorial for BarTender shows how to design multi-columns labels or labels that are more than one across the web.

  1. Right click on an empty space in your label design and select “Page Setup”
  2. Click the “Wizard” button in the bottom left of the new window
  3. Choose “Specify Custom Settings” and click “Next”
  4. Choose “Multiple columns and/or rows of items per page” and click “Next”
  5. Adjust the “Columns” to the number required and click “Next”
  6. If your media has selvedges you can make these adjustments now
  7. Click “Next” to proceed to the next page
  8. Now choose whether you want your labels portrait or landscape
  9. Change the width and the height of the labels and check the preview is correct then click “Next”
  10. Choose rectangle unless it’s another shape and click “Next”
  11. Check the “Set Manually” checkbox and set the horizontal (or vertical if landscape) gap and click “Next”
  12. If required you can change the printing order and click “Next”
  13. Click “Next” one last time to skip the “Background Features”
  14. Confirm the details on the screen and click “Finish”
  15. Check the “Template Size” under the “Layout” tab
  16. Tick the “Set Manually” check box and adjust the size if it’s incorrect
  17. Check the “Gap / Pitch”
  18. Tick the “Set Manually” check box and adjust the size if it’s incorrect
  19. Lastly adjust the left and right “Margins” so they are correct
  20. Click “Close”

Click here to play the video

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Brother P-Touch D800W Printer Review

Once again, Brother seem to have made a product without actually looking at the market to see if there’s place for it. Then they hold you to ransom by discontinuing what is now looking like its predecessor.
As you can probably tell by the tone of my first 2 sentences, I’m not a massive fan of this printer. That is to say I don’t hate it. It’s both great and terrible at the same time. The features are great on paper, but in reality it’s a different story. It’s like a cheap sofa-bed; you’ll never find one that’s great at being a sofa and a bed. This printer is neither great at being a portable printer nor a doorstop.

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