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Important: LabelStation Helper – September 2017 Update

It’s been 3 years since I built the first version of the LabelStation Helper. It has been evolved quite a lot over that time to finally become the powerful archive of help and information that it is today.

If you already have a previous version installed, open it to trigger the auto-update. You might need to close it and open it again or click the “check of update” button (you might need to click this button twice, but this has been fixed in the latest update). If you have a very early version that doesn’t include the auto-updater, it’s recommended to delete the folder that it installed to (usually “C:\LabelStation” unless you selected otherwise, or click uninstall from the programs menu if you’re using the 2015 version), then run the downloader below.

We feel the Labelstation Helper has got to a point where it can no longer be improved upon; therefore we have decided to release an update to remove the online updating feature. We recommend updating to the latest version to ensure your software doesn’t try to update in the future as the online files are scheduled for removal in the next year. If you have any questions regarding this update, please call us.

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Screenshot below shows the main screen after choosing which model printer you’re using.

This window is to help you find labels, tags, ribbon and spare parts for your LabelStation.

The next window is the printer setup window. If you install this from the CD included with the printer, this is the first screen you’ll encounter. You can access this page at any time to remind you and others how to install labels, ribbons, and calibrate the printer.

Video tutorials are always popular. This is actually the main reason for it being a rather large download. All the BarTender tutorials on this website are easily accessible offline in the LabelStation Helper package. With the automatic updates, you’ll always have our full, latest selection of video tutorials.

There are a few extra screens, and an abundance of extra content available at your finger tips.

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If you have any questions regarding the download or its contents, please call 01202 681311 or email

Minimum system requirements: Windows XP or later; Screen resolution of at least 1024×768; Minimum 512MB of memory (RAM).

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