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QR Codes Redux: A Live Twitter Feed on an Augmented Reality Building!

This is our first post of 2010, happy new year! Last month you may have seen the post I wrote about QR codes & the future of mobile marketing, where I looked at the innovative ways they’ve been used in advertising / environmental campaigns, and what the future might have in store. The N Building near Tachikawa station in Tokyo has had its facade adorned with QR codes where you can obtain the typical store information and download coupons, but what follows is simply stunning. Using an iPhone application specifcally developed for this project, you can follow a Twitter stream of what people are saying inside the building.

Point your phone at the building and its shape will be detected. Cartoon-characters are superimposed over it, then the iPhone’s GPS feature is used to track the location of each tweet.

The software isn’t available in the Apple app store; but you can get it on request. Head over to the Sonasphere site for further information.

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"QR Codes Redux: A Live Twitter Feed on an Augmented Reality Building!" by @labelzone

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