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2016 Electrician Printers: Brother vs. Dymo

In case you haven’t seen any previous blog posts, the industrial Brother printer models start with “PT-E” and the industrial Dymo models start with “XTL”. Here’s a comparison of the 2016 models that will be on the market for the next few years. Click the image above to see the model numbers for each of the printers. Use the checkboxes below to filter out different models of printers to help you compare fewer models.
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Brother Battle: New E550W vs Old 7600

As you can probably tell from the cheesy picture I put together, this is a showdown between the old Brother P-Touch 7600 and its replacement, the PT-E550W.

Below is a table of all the important details to compare between the two models. Below the table is an explanation of the differences.

Features PT-7600 (Discontinued) PT-E550W (Current)
TZe Tape Sizes 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm
HSe Tubing Sizes None 5.8, 8.8, 11.7, 17.7 & 23.6mm
Print Resolution 180 DPI 180 DPI
Max. Print Height 18mm on 24mm tape 18mm on 24mm tape
Max. Print Lines 7 on 24mm tape 7 on 24mm tape
Print Speed 10mm per second Up to 30mm per second
Hot Keys 1 6
Screen (LCD) 2 line backlit single character 2 line backlit full dot matrix
Cutter Manual with pause Automatic full and part cut
Connectivity USB USB & WiFi
Memory 2,000 characters 18,000+ characters & 99 files
Software Mac & Windows Android, iOS, Mac & Windows
Fonts 1 14
Symbols 164 384
Barcodes 9 9
Labels Types Normal, Vertical, Rotate, Cable Wrap, Cable Flag, Port, Panel1, Panel2, Flag Normal, Vertical, Rotate, Cable Wrap, Cable Flag, Faceplate, Heat Shrink Tube, Patch Panel, Punch Down Block

What means what?

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