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Brother Battle: New E550W vs Old 7600

As you can probably tell from the cheesy picture I put together, this is a showdown between the old Brother P-Touch 7600 and its replacement, the PT-E550W.

Below is a table of all the important details to compare between the two models. Below the table is an explanation of the differences.

Features PT-7600 (Discontinued) PT-E550W (Current)
TZe Tape Sizes 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm 3.5, 6, 9, 12, 18 & 24mm
HSe Tubing Sizes None 5.8, 8.8, 11.7, 17.7 & 23.6mm
Print Resolution 180 DPI 180 DPI
Max. Print Height 18mm on 24mm tape 18mm on 24mm tape
Max. Print Lines 7 on 24mm tape 7 on 24mm tape
Print Speed 10mm per second Up to 30mm per second
Hot Keys 1 6
Screen (LCD) 2 line backlit single character 2 line backlit full dot matrix
Cutter Manual with pause Automatic full and part cut
Connectivity USB USB & WiFi
Memory 2,000 characters 18,000+ characters & 99 files
Software Mac & Windows Android, iOS, Mac & Windows
Fonts 1 14
Symbols 164 384
Barcodes 9 9
Labels Types Normal, Vertical, Rotate, Cable Wrap, Cable Flag, Port, Panel1, Panel2, Flag Normal, Vertical, Rotate, Cable Wrap, Cable Flag, Faceplate, Heat Shrink Tube, Patch Panel, Punch Down Block

What means what?

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Types of Plant and Produce Labelling

Self-tie – loop lock tags

The self-tie loop lock is a traditional method of tagging plants, shrubs and trees. As its name implies, the self-tie loop lock can be looped round the stem or branch of a plant and then the notched end locks into the “key-hole” shape at one end of the tag.

Product descriptions, prices and barcodes

White Vinyl Waterproof Labels are ideal for external or internal labelling where a good degree of weather resistance is required. These types of labels usually have a self-adhesive backing, making them ideal for printing product prices, barcodes and descriptions. Used in conjunction with high quality ribbons that are ideally suited to these labels, they will be waterproof and fade resistant, making the print last a long time in even the most extreme weather conditions. The variety of sizes on offer means that you can be sure to find the right size to fit your requirements.

Labels, small signs and stickers

Continuous Vinyl rolls are ideal for labels, small signs and stickers. Being on a continuous roll means that this self-adhesive vinyl can be easily made into stickers and labels of virtually any length. Along with the standard sizes listed they are available on request in a range of colours and sizes to suit your needs.
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Brother P-Touch 1230 & 2430 Replacements

1230eukThe P-Touch 1230 was always a great printer for printing on 3.5mm to 12mm TZe tapes directly from your computer using the P-Touch Editor software. With its versatility of using either batteries or a mains power adaptor it’s great for use both in the office and on the move. The software allows you to create labels and use your computer’s massive selection of fonts that you wouldn’t be able to accomplish with a hand-held unit. The P-Touch 2430 is the big brother to the 1230, which has 18mm and 24mm tape compatibility.

Both the 1230 and 2430 have since been discontinued but the 1230 isn’t being replaced. The 2430 however has been replaced with something miles better. There are now two options.


p700eukIt has many of the same features as its predecessor such as 3.5mm to 24mm TZe tape compatibility, running on six AA batteries or the included power adaptor, and USB connectivity to a Windows or Mac computer. It also has a fully automatic cutter and now prints three times faster at up to 30mm per second. It also has a 180 DPI print resolution which is more than enough for several lines of text.
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Brady’s 100 Years

Brady was founded in 1914 manufacturing painted signs, promotional calendars and point of sale displays. The company made it through The Great Depression by manufacturing hundreds of millions of push cards.

Early Years — Brady’s first products were promotional calendars, painted signs and point of purchase displays. The company made it through The Great Depression by manufacturing and marketing hundreds of millions of push cards. These small paperboard cards with rows of perforated circles concealing numbers, fit into Brady’s already established business of printing, die cutting and laminating.

1940s — During World War II, Brady discovered the wire marker card, numbered cloth strips on an adhesive card. Electricians and assembly workers pulled wire-marker strips from the card and wrapped them around electrical wires creating a numbering system for identification purposes.
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