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Sandown Elex Show 2015

The Sandown Elex Show is always the premier event of the year. Its location takes in a huge catchment area and this was evident on both days with the Sandown Park car parks hitting capacity by late morning both days.

Arriving at the main entrance the queues were moving fast and there was definitely a lively atmosphere about the place, something which most trade shows sadly lack these days.¬†Elex seems to have captured the imagination of the UK’s electricians with all the shows around the UK being well attended but Sandown is the big one!
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Apple Mac OSX Label Printer Compatibility

Microsoft Windows; you’ll find it installed everywhere from offices computers to tills, in schools to on cashpoint machines, warehouses and even military simulation systems. But what about Apple’s Mac OSX operating system?

Apple is most popular for their iPods (R.I.P.), iPhones and tablets (personally I think iPad is a stupid name). But their Mac computers still aren’t the popular choice when it comes to personal and professional computers. I have a Windows desktop computer I built for most of my work and gaming, but I chose a Macbook Pro over a Windows laptop as every manufacture has sponsored bloatware such as trial versions of Mcafee, Norton and Office to name a few. When I buy a computer I want my choice of software on it, not the manufactures’. I also chose it for its fantastic high PPI display, great battery life, clever trackpad, backlit keys, and amazing design from an all aluminium body. It can actually do pretty much everything my Windows computer can, but I digress. I know of very few applications where the Mac OS is prefered over Windows other than development of apps for other Apple products, thus we come to the subject at hand.
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Print Like a Pro With Dymo

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If you’re printing labels on a daily basis in your office, warehouse, shop or even at home, then there is a chance you’re using a Dymo product to do this.

Dymo is very well recognised globally for their printers and labels from industrial handhelds to office desktops. Dymo started in California in 1985 as an embossing company. In 2005 they acquired Newell Rubbermaid, a Fortune 100 company. Ever since then their product range has expanded to include card scanning solutions and shipping/mailing scales to name a couple.

Dymo have been looking to make everyones lives easier and their first step to doing this has been making a web app so choosing the correct printer and labels can be done in a breeze.

Watch the video above and visit the website to help make your choice. Visit to decide and visit to order today.

Brady BBP31 & BBP33

As with every Brady printer, the quality of the product never ceases to impress me. Being in the position I am, I’m fortunate enough to play around with many printers. The Brady BBP31 label printer is by far the easiest to use considering how advanced it is.
Everything inside is colour coded with guides so it’s almost impossible to accidentally put something in the wrong place or the wrong way round. Ribbons and labels will only go one way round. Everything that is yellow moves.
If something hasn’t been moved when it was meant to have been, it’ll tell you on the screen. If you’ve inserted the wrong ribbon for the media, it’ll tell you.
It has a wiper arm for continuous media which it recommends lowering. This is so it can remove any dust from the media before it’s printed to. Continuous media can be subject to static which causes the attraction of dust. Printing onto dust can cause a loss in quality one way or another. The printer will also warn you if the arm is not down when it should be and vice versa.
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Brother Tape Creator Pro Overview

Breaking from the norm of labelling using tape and die-cut media, Brother have produced this unusual machine. It prints single colour ribbon onto single tape but this isn’t your normal 3-36mm TZe tape, it’s packaging tape. The idea is you can print on demand custom packaging tape to be used on parcels or products for either added security, personalization and more. For example you want to add extra security verification you can produce a tape that says something like “SECURELY SEALED – REJECT IF DAMAGED” (also see how to add an automatic date field to P-Touch Editor) and use the tape to seal a parcel closed before it’s dispatched. You could also add some customization by printing “Happy Birthday, Sarah” and wrapping it around the base of a bouquet of flowers. The only limit is your imagination!

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