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Label Hacks

Useful tips, tricks and hacks to get the most out of your label printer, software and consumables.

Labelling Alternative

Using labels keeps you looking professional and organised. Labelling documents, drawers, doors, products, envelopes and parcels are all part of the day-to-day. But can labels be used to give a retro and original theme?

It seem the idea for using the old school Dymo embossing tapes on items such as cards and invitations has been tossed around for a little while already. It gives a look and feel of a more hand-crafted, personalised item.

The embossers themselves are still available but are becoming more and more rare which is rather vintage in itself.

Don’t feel limited to using only embossing tape. There are plenty of tapes to use such as Brother’s black on silver metallic, the gold on black, and the fluorescent range of tapes. With a few of the Brother printers being computer-connected, you can use a huge variety of font styles to suit the purpose of the label. If your computer doesn’t have the font you’re looking for, there are plenty of fonts available for download online for free.
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Uses For Loop Lock Tags

Loop lock tags are not just for small trees and plants. We’ve discovered a selection of customers using them for all sorts of applications. Here are some of the applications that might be of some inspiration to you.


Last month we received a few enquiries for the loop lock tags from turkey rearers. As Christmas is the only time of the year where it’s acceptable for a family to devour an entire turkey the size of a small child; and turkeys need to be reserved for the big day. Customer were enquiring before purchasing to check if the loop lock will close around a turkey leg. The closed loop gives a ~55mm circumference (~18mm diameter) which should be suitable for a turkey, chicken or maybe even a duck leg; however they might be too loose for smaller poultry.

PAT Labels

In the past we’ve had a customer or two choose a few rolls of the green and a roll of the red loop locks. Why this interesting combination? Electrical testing – print on the green tags with the appliance ID, test date, contact details, and who it was tested by, then tag it on the cable of the appliance. Use the red ones if it failed the safety check.
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TZe-Tape Guide

Struggling to find the TZe tape you need? Help is at hand with this useful TZe tape table. Choose the size, choose the colour, get the code! Search the code on Labelzone for the most competative price on genuine Brother tapes.

3.5mm 6mm 9mm 12mm 18mm 24mm 36mm
White on Green TZe-MQG35
White on Light Grey TZe-MQL35
White on Berry Pink TZe-MQP35
Black on Clear TZe-111 TZe-121 TZe-131 TZe-141 TZe-151 TZe-161
Red on Clear TZe-132
Blue on Clear TZe-133
White on Clear TZe-135 TZe-145
Black on White TZe-211 TZe-221 TZe-231 TZe-241 TZe-251 TZe-261
Red on White TZe-222 TZe-232 TZe-242 TZe-252 TZe-262
Blue on White TZe-223 TZe-233 TZe-243 TZe-253 TZe-263
Gold on Black TZe-334 TZe-344 TZe-354
White on Black TZe-315 TZe-325 TZe-335 TZe-345 TZe-355 TZe-365
Black no Red TZe-421 TZe-431 TZe-441 TZe-451 TZe-461
White on Red TZe-435
Black on Blue TZe-521 TZe-531 TZe-541 TZe-551 TZe-561
White on Blue TZe-535
Black on Yellow TZe-611 TZe-621 TZe-631 TZe-641 TZe-651 TZe-661
Black on Green TZe-721 TZe-731 TZe-741 TZe-751
Black on Orange TZe-B31 TZe-B51
Black on Yellow TZe-C31 TZe-C51
Blue on White TZe-FA3
Black on White TZe-FX211 TZe-FX221 TZe-FX231 TZe-FX241 TZe-FX251 TZe-FX261
Black on Yellow TZe-FX611 TZe-FX621 TZe-FX631 TZe-FX641 TZe-FX651 TZe-FX661
Laminated Matt
Black on Clear TZe-M31
Black on Silver TZe-M931 TZe-M951 TZe-M961
Black on White TZe-N201 TZe-N221 TZe-N231 TZe-N241 TZe-N251
Extra Strong
Black on Clear TZe-S121 TZe-S131 TZe-S141 TZe-S151
Black on White TZe-S211 TZe-S221 TZe-S231 TZe-S241 TZe-S251 TZe-S261
Black on Yellow TZe-S621 TZe-S631 TZe-S641 TZe-S651
Black on White TZe-SE4
Heat Shrink
Black on White HSe-211 HSe-221 HSe-231 HSe-241 HSe-251
High Grade
Black on White HGe-211 HGe-231 HGe-241 HGe-251 HGe-261

The part numbers have changed from TZ and HG to TZe and HGe. The tapes have changed to fit the modern printers and the packaging has been reduced to prevent wastage. All tapes will fit and work in older printers.

Sizing Chart For Easy Cable Labelling

Buying cables and buying labels can be an easy task on their own but getting the right label for your cable may require a little more thought.

This day in age we’re constantly battling between the metric and imperial system of metres and miles, litres and gallons. So to make things in the world of cable labelling easy, here is a USA to European cable size chart.

USA Standard Cable Size Equivalent Cross-Section Nearest Available Cable Size
20 AWG 0.519 mm2 0.5 mm2 – 0.75 mm2
18 AWG 0.823 mm2 1 mm2
16 AWG 1.31 mm2 1.5 mm2
14 AWG 2.08 mm2 2.5 mm2
12 AWG 3.31 mm2 4 mm2
10 AWG 5.26 mm2 6mm2
8 AWG 8.37 mm2 10 mm2
6 AWG 13.3 mm2 16 mm2
4 AWG 21.15 mm2 25 mm2
2 AWG 33.62 mm2 35 mm2
1 AWG 42.41 mm2 50 mm2
1/0 AWG 53.49 mm2 70 mm2
2/0 AWG 67.23 mm2 70 mm2
3/0 AWG 85.01 mm2 95 mm2
4/0 AWG 107.2 mm2 120 mm2
250 MCM 126.7 mm2 120 mm2 – 150 mm2
300 MCM 152 mm2 150 mm2
350 MCM 177.3 mm2 185 mm2
400 MCM 202.7 mm2 185 mm2
450 MCM 228 mm2 185 mm2 – 240 mm2
500 MCM 253.4 mm2 240 mm2
550 MCM 278.7 mm2 240 mm2 – 300 mm2
600 MCM 304 mm2 300 mm2
650 MCM 329.4 mm2 300 mm2
700 MCM 354.7 mm2 300 mm2 – 400 mm2
750 MCM 380 mm2 400 mm2
800 MCM 405.4 mm2 400 mm2
850 MCM 430.7 mm2 400 mm2
900 MCM 456 mm2 400 mm2
950 MCM 481.4 mm2 400 mm2
1000 MCM 506.7 mm2 400 mm2 – 630 mm2
1250 MCM 633.4 mm2 630 mm2
1500 MCM 760 mm2 800 mm2
1750 MCM 886.7 mm2 800 mm2 – 1000 mm2
2000 MCM 1013.4 mm2 1000 mm2

This chart is correct to our knowledge and we cannot be held responsible for any errors. If however you do spot a misprint please contact us.

How To Tighten a TZe Tape Ribbon

Anyone born before 1995 will know the valued relationship of a pencil or biro pen and an audio cassette. You’d grab your favourite mixtape of songs recorded off the radio and just before you put it into play you notice the tape is slipping out over your fingers and thumb. You grab a pencil, put it in one of the spools and spin to get it back to normal. Times have moved on and the world of iPods and Spotify has taken over. The pencil is now back to nothing more than a writing implement, or is it?

Labelling of today

You’ve got your P-Touch printer and a selection of your favourite tapes. But switching between all these cassettes is taking its toll and the ribbons are starting to slip out the side. You need to get that ribbon back inside before it gets pulled through with the label tape and ruins the TZe cassette while making a mess. Save it from the bin!

Grab your pencil or ballpoint (Bic or Staedtler; brands don’t matter), put it in the little ribbon rewinder hole and looking down on the top, spin it anti-clockwise until the ribbon is back inside and crease-free. Watch the video below to see how it’s done. Hopefully you’ll never need to do this, but just in case you do, you’ll know how!
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