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DYMO XTL 300 Review & Compare

DYMO XTL 300 Label Printer

It’s the little brother!

The XTL 300 is the XTL 500’s little brother. It does nearly all the same features but in a smaller package. It prints tape sizes up to 24mm wide in a variety of materials, has a colour screen, a clicky QWERTY keyboard and rechargeable battery.

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Brother QL-570 Address Label Printer Overview

First, lets have a little look at the family tree of some Brother printers.
First there was the QL-500. A little direct thermal address label printer. It’s printing speed was fast but the guillotine cutter was hand operated; not to make it sound medieval, it wasn’t a crank that you turn multiple times to cut one label, no. It was a little slider that you push from left to right and it sprung back when you let go. The QL-500 was all about sticking to a budget.

The QL-550 & QL-560. Same at its predecessor but with an electric cutter. You could tell it to cut at after every label, at the end of a batch, or not at all leaving you to press the button to cut it when you’re ready. More or less the same printing speed as the QL-500.
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Casio KL-HD1 Overview

Having never used a Casio printer I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have never heard any feedback about their printers so usually no news is good news. I wasn’t disappointed with the machine but there are a few things I both liked and disliked about the printer.

It’s an unusual but neutral looking unit; very square, white and grey with a few blue buttons. Once you’ve inserted the 6x AA batteries it immediately becomes a nicer heavier weight than its otherwise light, empty feeling. The batteries are located right in the hand grip which is comfortable to hold. Before I switch it on and go through using the handheld printer I’ll list the key features first.



  • 1 line 12 character display
  • ABC keyboard
  • Tape sizes 6 / 9 / 12 / 18 mm
  • 10 mm per second print speed
  • 200 DPI print resolution
  • 8 fonts
  • 9 print styles, effects and formats
  • Manual cutter
  • 667 characters
  • 182 special characters / symbols
  • 245 Illustrations
  • 3 line printing
  • 80 character input
  • 60 pre-installed logos with text and icons
  • 65 frames

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DYMO XTL 500 Hands-on Video & Review

DYMO XTL 500 Label Printer

The secret is out!

I got a first look at a pre-production model of this printer a few months ago but made a promise to keep my mouth shut about it. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of Dymo. I have a LabelWriter on my desk but I’ll always use the Brother QL-560 next to it. The software is slow and just isn’t flexible enough. None of their printers are smart enough to automatically know what label you’ve put in it so you have to tell it and only one model has an automatic cutter, the LabelManager 500TS. So it’s no wonder I didn’t have high hopes when I heard about new models coming out. That was unfair as I didn’t hear any specifications about it.

I was very impressed at the design of it. I was shocked by its size but it all made sense when I saw it can take tape sizes as wide as 54mm, has a QWERTY keyboard and a colour touchscreen. All this information impressed me. Don’t get me wrong, it is a big unit and I wouldn’t so much call it hand-held but more hands-held and on the verge of being a desktop printer. It has a small handle at the base of it so it’s easy to carry one-handed but holding while using it is a task in itself. Unfortunately this printer doesn’t have any form of label grabber so if you are printing labels while holding it, be ready to catch them.
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Brother PT-D600 Review & Compare Video

The D600 is the first of Brother’s range that features a colour screen. It’s a direct replacement for the P-Touch 2730 which was always a great printer for office use. The PPI of the screen is also higher than most of the previous models making the print preview of the labels and viewing the fonts clear and easy to see. As usual this printer, like other Brother printers, detects what size TZe tape you’ve inserted but this also detects the colour so what you see on the screen is what you get out the printer. Featuring an automatic electric cutter this printer will cut the labels for you. You can choose to cut each label, at the end of a batch or switch the cutter off completely.

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