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Colour Address Label Printer: Brother QL-800 & QL-810W Review

Brother QL-800 and QL-810W Review

First things first. It’s not full colour, so please don’t get too excited. However, it still is a fairly exciting thing because this a 2 colour printer that doesn’t require any ink, toner or ribbon. This is the first twin colour direct thermal printer from Brother in the QL range, and the first in the market it’s aimed at.

As I’m reviewing 2 very similar printers at the same time, I’ll review mostly the QL-800 and then mention any differences with the QL-810W.


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Update: Leitz Icon Label Printer Re-Review

Leitz Icon Label Printer

Pros Cons
WiFi & USB I found the software still crashes on selecting address templates
Optional battery pack I found the mobile app to be slow and in some case unresponsive
Easy to load tapes No standby or power off which could mean a flat battery


Leitz have released a printer that dives right into the middle of the market. With die-cut, continuous, paper and plastic labels, this printer will help suit any requirement around the home, office or even a warehouse. Compatible with Android, iOS, Mac and Windows over USB or WiFi.
Please read the original review first. They were a little disappointed with the score I previously gave it. They have since updated the software, released the mobile app for Android and supplied me with the battery and some other tapes to try. Consider this review the real review.Continue Reading…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Brother P-Touch D800W Printer Review

Once again, Brother seem to have made a product without actually looking at the market to see if there’s place for it. Then they hold you to ransom by discontinuing what is now looking like its predecessor.
As you can probably tell by the tone of my first 2 sentences, I’m not a massive fan of this printer. That is to say I don’t hate it. It’s both great and terrible at the same time. The features are great on paper, but in reality it’s a different story. It’s like a cheap sofa-bed; you’ll never find one that’s great at being a sofa and a bed. This printer is neither great at being a portable printer nor a doorstop.

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DYMO XTL 300 Review & Compare

DYMO XTL 300 Label Printer

It’s the little brother!

The XTL 300 is the XTL 500’s little brother. It does nearly all the same features but in a smaller package. It prints tape sizes up to 24mm wide in a variety of materials, has a colour screen, a clicky QWERTY keyboard and rechargeable battery.

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DYMO XTL 500 Hands-on Video & Review

DYMO XTL 500 Label Printer

The secret is out!

I got a first look at a pre-production model of this printer a few months ago but made a promise to keep my mouth shut about it. To be honest I’m not a huge fan of Dymo. I have a LabelWriter on my desk but I’ll always use the Brother QL-560 next to it. The software is slow and just isn’t flexible enough. None of their printers are smart enough to automatically know what label you’ve put in it so you have to tell it and only one model has an automatic cutter, the LabelManager 500TS. So it’s no wonder I didn’t have high hopes when I heard about new models coming out. That was unfair as I didn’t hear any specifications about it.

I was very impressed at the design of it. I was shocked by its size but it all made sense when I saw it can take tape sizes as wide as 54mm, has a QWERTY keyboard and a colour touchscreen. All this information impressed me. Don’t get me wrong, it is a big unit and I wouldn’t so much call it hand-held but more hands-held and on the verge of being a desktop printer. It has a small handle at the base of it so it’s easy to carry one-handed but holding while using it is a task in itself. Unfortunately this printer doesn’t have any form of label grabber so if you are printing labels while holding it, be ready to catch them.
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