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Water Dissolvable Labels

Being introduced to labels that can dissolve in water is something that I really liked the sound of. I don’t mean to point fingers, but whenever I buy mugs or glasses from IKEA, I get very annoyed having to pick the barcode labels off the bottom; it’s next to impossible to remove them (but I know a secret which I’ll explain below). These dissolvable labels however, stay stuck until wet. Let’s check out how easy it is for these labels to fade away.

I’m going to do the worst thing imaginable: I’m going to apply 2 labels to the inside of a glass; a standard label and water dissolvable label. I’ll leave them 24 hours for the adhesive to get to full strength, then I’ll rinse the glass with water to see how much effort is required to remove them. I’ll do this test twice with both warm water and cold water to see if there’s any benefit to either temperature.

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I find it very impressive that the dissolvable label falls apart so easily. The label disappeared like sugar in a freshly poured cup of tea. The normal label however, was a tough cookie. The secret to removing standard paper labels is soaking them in warm water and washing up liquid for around 30 minutes.

Technical details of the labels are as follows:


  • Cold water soluble acrylic aqueous dispersion
  • Initial tack: medium
  • Final adhesion: good
  • Minimum application temperature: +10°C
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +100°C
  • UV resistance: poor


  • A supercalendered siliconised honey glassine paper, with a high mechanical resistance to tearing
  • Thickness: 57 micron
  • Print technology: thermal transfer using a wax-resin ribbon

Shelf life of 1 year when stored at 25°C at 50% humidity in original packaging.

These are a bespoke item made to your required size and quantity. For prices and samples of the material, please call us on 01202 681311 or email sales@labelzone.co.uk

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"Water Dissolvable Labels" by @labelzone

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