Brother GL-200 Label Printer Review

Print Quality: 7-stars
Print Speed: 7-stars
Versatility: 6-stars
Ease of Setup: 9-stars
Ease of Use: 8-stars

The Brother GL-200 garden label printer is designed primarily for horticulturists and gardeners (although it can be used as a general purpose domestic labeller) so if your potting shed is a bit of a muddle, the contents of that rusty biscuit tin on the top shelf a mystery, your tools rack in disarray, and your greenhouse liable to sprout something unexpected, then you might perceive a need to apply some labels. If you do, this printer could be the one for you.

The GL200 can print on three widths of label, these being: 6mm, 9mm and 12mm (from Brother’s TZ range of tape cartridges) and they are all resistant to fading in sun and rain, also to temperatures ranging from -80oC to +150ºC (which means they can be used in outer space), humidity, abrasion, oil and chemicals. Apart from the obvious options of black print on white label etc. the range includes such variations as fluorescent and transparent backing (standard laminated range) and matt finish, strong adhesive type, and flexi ID in the specialist non-laminated range. These ranges allow interesting combinations of character colour versus tape colour to make for jazzy labelling of your plant pots, seed trays, pesticide/fertiliser containers, storage racks and whatever else.
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Today’s Google Logo Celebrates The Barcode

If you’ve opened Google’s home page today, you might be wondering why its usual logo has been replaced by a barcode. Today marks the 57th anniversary of when the patent was granted to inventors Bernard Silver and Norman Woodland.

Out of curiosity, we thought we’d run the image through an online barcode decoder. Of course, they hadn’t used any old barcode to replace the usual logo, unsurprisingly it spelled something out. Here’s the results:

Googleg, apparently! Whether this was an error or not remains to be seen.

Kiteboarding & Brother P-Touch Labels?

At Labelzone HQ, we’re always on the lookout for imaginative and innovative ways in which people use their labels. It’s even more pleasing to see when someone’s ingenuity can potentially save the coastguard or RNLI time and money. Feeling lost? So was a lot of people’s water sports equipment, until someone had an idea, spawned from their passion for kiteboarding.

Firstly, what is kiteboarding?

Kiteboarding (or kitesurfing) is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, exploding in popularity in the last decade with an estimated 210,000 kiteboarders worldwide (as of September 2006, according to SBC Kiteboard). With influences drawing from more traditional water sports such as windsurfing and wakeboarding, its openness for participation around the UK has seen an abundance of professional competitions and an official association.Continue Reading…

Congratulations To All Our Winners!

Last month we held a giveaway for 10 P-Touch Label Makers – many thanks to those who participated, if you weren’t fortunate enough to win this time around, better luck next time (and there is a next time, more on that below).

All the winners have been contacted and your prizes will be sent out next week, and remember we’d love to see how you use your printer, whether it be for art/design/organisation, whatever you choose to do with it! In the meantime, here’s a Google Map which shows the rough locations of the winners, the United States really cleaned up!
View P-Touch Winners in a larger map

If you haven’t done so already, make sure you subscribe to our RSS feed or subscribe via email to be the first to find out about our next giveaway which is coming soon. I don’t want to say too much just yet, but there’s going to be a lot of Sharpie markers up for grabs :-)

Update Sep 7th – The winners were:

  • B Missal, Alabama
  • M Goss, Georgia
  • Joanne J, Singapore
  • K Aganost, California
  • D Peterson, Arizona
  • S Prime, Illnois
  • S Hickmon, Missouri
  • S Biggs, Texas
  • D Stinson, Ohio
  • A Hill, Edinburgh

Your prizes were sent out last week, apologies for the delay but many staff were on holiday/vacation throughout August.

Amazing Art With Nothing But A Sharpie Pen

Whilst doodling is nothing out of the ordinary, perhaps doing so on a series of polystyrene cups and selling the results for hundreds of dollars is a little more remarkable. That’s exactly what California-based Cheeming Boey, a 31 year old artist and animator has done which is now taking the Internet by storm.

According to an interview over at the Sharpie blog, Boey came up with the idea when he was craving to sketch but lacked the necessary paper, so he simply started using a cup which was discarded on top of a rubbish bin. He quickly knew he was onto something, and before long he was filling his apartment with excruciatingly-detailed examples of art – waves, animals, noodles and more profound works such as this. All this with a simple Sharpie pen; nothing more than a permanent marker.

His friends, as you can imagine were suitably impressed, but the turning point came when a friend remarked ‘Sure, they’re nice, but who’d pay money for that?’ according to an interview with the OCRegister – his stubborness was about to be rewarded.

Boey made his way to Laguna Beach, armed with a few choice examples of his work. He ended up at Marion Meyer Art – a contemporary gallery showcasing artists from all over the world. Meyer was drawn to the passion and energy evident in Boey’s art, and he was consequently invited to display his cups in the gallery – where they sell for $120-220 and was word spreads, considerably higher.

You can see many sets of his coffee cups on Flickr here, or watch this stunning timelapse video below, which demonstrates how Boey puts the drawings together: