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Amazing Art With Nothing But A Sharpie Pen

Whilst doodling is nothing out of the ordinary, perhaps doing so on a series of polystyrene cups and selling the results for hundreds of dollars is a little more remarkable. That’s exactly what California-based Cheeming Boey, a 31 year old artist and animator has done which is now taking the Internet by storm.

According to an interview over at the Sharpie blog, Boey came up with the idea when he was craving to sketch but lacked the necessary paper, so he simply started using a cup which was discarded on top of a rubbish bin. He quickly knew he was onto something, and before long he was filling his apartment with excruciatingly-detailed examples of art – waves, animals, noodles and more profound works such as this. All this with a simple Sharpie pen; nothing more than a permanent marker.

His friends, as you can imagine were suitably impressed, but the turning point came when a friend remarked ‘Sure, they’re nice, but who’d pay money for that?’ according to an interview with the OCRegister – his stubborness was about to be rewarded.

Boey made his way to Laguna Beach, armed with a few choice examples of his work. He ended up at Marion Meyer Art – a contemporary gallery showcasing artists from all over the world. Meyer was drawn to the passion and energy evident in Boey’s art, and he was consequently invited to display his cups in the gallery – where they sell for $120-220 and was word spreads, considerably higher.

You can see many sets of his coffee cups on Flickr here, or watch this stunning timelapse video below, which demonstrates how Boey puts the drawings together:

Brady IDXpert Label Printer Review

This product is discontinued. For our full range of current printers please click here.
Print Quality: 7-stars
Print Speed: 7-stars
Versatility: 8-stars
Ease of Setup: 9-stars
Ease of Use: 8-stars

The Brady IDXpert is a stand-alone thermal label printer which has been designed with the professional in mind, being built to withstand industrial working conditions. Together with its accessories, it is protected by a plastic hard-case measuring 48 x 39 x 14 cm. The ID Xpert is available in two versions; desk-top and hand-held, each incorporating a manual cutter. Using interchangeable cartridges this printer allows the electrician or engineer to label patch panels, faceplates and cables in an industrial or domestic environment, and identify racks, bays and frames in a public network or data centre environment.
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SmartStamp Labels – Professional, Affordable Postage

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re sending a lot of letters and/or parcels, and the frustration of queuing in a post office is somewhat reminiscent of being stuck in between two caravans on the M25 during the August bank holiday. Or perhaps you’re considering using a franking machine, but the initial cost of buying, or being forced to commit to an expensive leasing contract is holding you back. That’s why Royal Mail have developed SmartStamp, a more convenient and professional approach to postage. So, what exactly is it?

What is SmartStamp?

In Royal Mail’s own words, they say “SmartStamp is an online service that lets you print any amount of postage onto an envelope – so you’ll never have to worry about buying stamps or using a franking machine. You can print a single envelope, label or sheets of labels from your PC and you can print as many as you like”.

How does it work?

The simple diagram below is the perfect summary:

For your convenience, we’ve also created these 2 screencasts below so you can see just how simple SmartStamps is to use.

Who is SmartStamp for?

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30+ Tips To Get Organised At Home (Plus Giveaway!)

A study carried out in Australia said that 4 out of 10 people feel anxiety, guilt or depression about the clutter in their home (source), whilst research performed in the UK by NEC-Mitsubishi suggests office workers are hit by “Irritable Desk Syndrome“,  part of which can be due to a cluttered desk. Fear not, as help is at hand. Read our simple tips below, then enter the competition which follows this blog post to get your hands on one of ten Brother PT-1000s!

Arts / Crafts / Hobbies

Bonus tip: Colour code each type of item you’re storing, it’ll make them a lot easier to find in the future.

  • Organise your scrapbook (as above) or decorate your diary/journal
  • Containers for organise glue/paint/string/pins etc
  • Greeting & birthday card making
  • Photo albums
  • Sewing and knitting supplies

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Glasgow Elex Show Recap

We recently exhibited at the Glasgow Elex show, one of a series of UK wide exhibitions specifically aimed at the professional electrician. The Glasgow Elex show was held in the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre near the River Clyde.  This modern location was great setting for a gathering of some of the biggest names in the electrical business including the NICEIC, Hager, Megger and Thorn.

Team Labelzone were attending with Brother UK to showcase the new range of P-Touch labellers. Over the last 20 years Brothers range of label printers have become “standard equipment” for thousands of electricians worldwide.

The PT-7600 and PT-7100 have so far been well received at the previous Elex shows this year, and Glasgow was no exception. General attendance was a little lower than expected, but it was great to see that those who did attend we enthusiastic about the show and business was brisk with all the “on stand” stock selling out by the end of the last day. It seems that the big national exhibitions draw little interest these days but so far the Elex shows have given us a great opportunity to meet some of our long standing customers in their home towns and cities.

We’ll be on the road again soon and will be exhibiting at the following venues, come and see us – even if you just come for the free bacon butty we’d be pleased to see you!

Forthcoming dates for your diary

  • Ricoh Arena – Coventry –  17/18th September
  • Sandown Park – Surrey 1/2nd December