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LabelStation Software Download

Please note: all software is for Microsoft Windows operating systems only and is confirmed to work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. This excludes phones, tablet computers and Windows running in a virtual machine (e.g. Boot Camp).


The Labelstation Helper is specifically made on your feedback.
It’s full of all the helpful templates and videos you’ll find online but made available instantly offline (so no buffering). It also contains all the user manuals, diagnostics tools and the remote support client from our knowledgeable support team.

LabelStation Helper Web Installer
Recommended. Automatic updates*.

LabelStation Helper Live Web
Minimal files. No install. Great if you’re always online.

LabelStation Helper Full Download
No install required. Automatic updates if installed.

*Automatic updates have been discontinued for the LabelStation Helper. The latest release was the 26th of September 2017 which removes the automatic update features.

Note: with the increase of viruses and introduction of ransomeware, antiviruses have had their hysterics ramped up. This might cause the LabelStation Helper to become unresponsive. It is recommended you do not disable your antivirus. Give us a call and we will find an alternative to getting you up and running.


For the BarTender Ultralite labelling software that is included with every new LabelStation printer, please call the support department on 01202 681311. Please have your Labelstation serial number and invoice address ready.

Trial Software Downloads*

* After a 30 day trial period, this software will require payment for continued use. Click here for prices.
** Please note that all saved labels in the trial of BarTender will not work in the Ultralite edition that is supplied free with new LabelStation printers. Payment will be required.
*** After a 30 day trial period, each label printed with text will have random characters replaced with other random characters. Payment will be required.


The DiagTool can be a use to setup and fault-find your LabelStation. Different version work with different ages of printer. Try the lowest version number first as this is the version that most frequently works. For help using the DiagTool see our DiagTool Userguide.

Version 1.63 (recommended)

Version 1.33

Version 1.19