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Windows 7, 8 & 10 Security

Upon downloading any of our software, such as our LabelStation Helper or our LabelStation drivers, you might encounter a blockade of warning messages. Do not worry: this is your computer being overly cautious. Continue reading to find out more.


When downloading our installation files, your web browser might give the following message, or at least something similar.

This is normal. It’s essentially saying that the file isn’t recognized as being a frequently downloaded file . Naturally it is warning you of possible danger that might be ahead. Fortunately, with our software, there is nothing nasty attached to it.


The next window is a new one for users who have only recently started using Windows 10. It is the first of up to two full screen messages. Just in case the previous message didn’t ring any alarm bells, this one might. It also appears to be a dead-end. Click the small “More info” text on your popup to proceed.

Now we can see the button we’re looking for, as well as the application/file name, and the publisher. We’re currently not a registered publisher which is why the Windows SmartScreen warning appears.

Click “Run anyway” to continue.

User Account Control

Some more advanced users might not encounter this message as UAC can be switched off in your preferences. The application you’re about to run requires some administrative features to install the required components successfully. The permission required is for the copying and installing of files (not deleting or modifying).

Click the “Yes” button to continue with the installation.

Your privacy and safety

UAC-IconAll drivers and software come from trusted sources. The applications and installation processes developed by Advanced Labelling Ltd have been made on secure and clean computer systems. Files that are more susceptible to infection have been scanned by over 15 different antivirus scanners to ensure they are safe for the general public.
The following antivirus programs can flag a potential risk:

  • ClamAV
  • Dr.WEB
  • McAfee

As much as these antivirus programs have given a false positive, we recommend you do not disable your antivirus at any time.

The LabelStation helper connects to the internet to check for the latest update; only public information is received, and absolutely none of your information is sent.

If you have any concerns, please call or email the LabelStation technical support department for more information and advice.