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Apple Mac OSX Label Printer Compatibility

Microsoft Windows; you’ll find it installed everywhere from offices computers to tills, in schools to on cashpoint machines, warehouses and even military simulation systems. But what about Apple’s Mac OSX operating system?

Apple is most popular for their iPods (R.I.P.), iPhones and tablets (personally I think iPad is a stupid name). But their Mac computers still aren’t the popular choice when it comes to personal and professional computers. I have a Windows desktop computer I built for most of my work and gaming, but I chose a Macbook Pro over a Windows laptop as every manufacture has sponsored bloatware such as trial versions of Mcafee, Norton and Office to name a few. When I buy a computer I want my choice of software on it, not the manufactures’. I also chose it for its fantastic high PPI display, great battery life, clever trackpad, backlit keys, and amazing design from an all aluminium body. It can actually do pretty much everything my Windows computer can, but I digress. I know of very few applications where the Mac OS is prefered over Windows other than development of apps for other Apple products, thus we come to the subject at hand.
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