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Data Privacy Day, Safer Internet Day & World Backup Day

January 28th was Data Privacy Day and February 9th was Web Security Day. World Backup Day is still to come on March 31st prompting you to not be a fool on April fool’s day. So what are these worldwide internet recognition days all about?

Data Privacy Day

dataprivacydayData Privacy Day is a worldwide reminder to respect the privacy of others while also securing your own. It’s a subtle reminder that while you might want to check who you’re sharing your Facebook photos with it’s worth making sure your important documents are securely locked away and that you use different passwords for everything in the event of one of your accounts being compromised. A personal recommendation for having a million different passwords is to use LastPass or write them down and keep them safe. Do not save them in a file on your computer; it only takes one mishap for them to go elsewhere. BBC’s TV show, Qi, once discussed that the safest way to look after your passwords is to write them on paper as it’s less likely for someone to breaking into your house than your computer.

Safer Internet Day

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