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Brother QL-570 Address Label Printer Overview

First, lets have a little look at the family tree of some Brother printers.
First there was the QL-500. A little direct thermal address label printer. It’s printing speed was fast but the guillotine cutter was hand operated; not to make it sound medieval, it wasn’t a crank that you turn multiple times to cut one label, no. It was a little slider that you push from left to right and it sprung back when you let go. The QL-500 was all about sticking to a budget.

The QL-550 & QL-560. Same at its predecessor but with an electric cutter. You could tell it to cut at after every label, at the end of a batch, or not at all leaving you to press the button to cut it when you’re ready. More or less the same printing speed as the QL-500.
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Casio KL-HD1 Overview

Having never used a Casio printer I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have never heard any feedback about their printers so usually no news is good news. I wasn’t disappointed with the machine but there are a few things I both liked and disliked about the printer.

It’s an unusual but neutral looking unit; very square, white and grey with a few blue buttons. Once you’ve inserted the 6x AA batteries it immediately becomes a nicer heavier weight than its otherwise light, empty feeling. The batteries are located right in the hand grip which is comfortable to hold. Before I switch it on and go through using the handheld printer I’ll list the key features first.



  • 1 line 12 character display
  • ABC keyboard
  • Tape sizes 6 / 9 / 12 / 18 mm
  • 10 mm per second print speed
  • 200 DPI print resolution
  • 8 fonts
  • 9 print styles, effects and formats
  • Manual cutter
  • 667 characters
  • 182 special characters / symbols
  • 245 Illustrations
  • 3 line printing
  • 80 character input
  • 60 pre-installed logos with text and icons
  • 65 frames

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Brother PT-D450VP Overview

The P-Touch 2030 has always been a popular printer but all good things must come to an end for better things to take its place. The D450 takes its place in a perfect size for desktop use and handheld use. Supporting all TZe tapes from 3.5-18mm in a multitude of colours and materials this printer will run off of the included mains power adaptor or 6x AA batteries. This newer model also sports 14 fantastic fonts and a whopping 99 different frames! There’s also an organised library of over 600 symbols suitable for any environment. Barcodes are easy to produce at just a couple presses; it can produce barcodes from all the common styles including CODE 39.
This compact, portable printer doesn’t lack features at all as it has a PC-style QWERTY keyboard with a large, high-resolution backlit display.
It doesn’t stop there! Plug this into your Windows* or Mac** computer and you’ll get even more out of your printer with the P-Touch Editor software.
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Brady BMP21-LAB

bmp21labThis tough printer with smart capabilities can literally take a hit and still perform like new every time. With laboratory symbols, vial/tube auto-sizing, drop-lock-and-go cartridges, a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and two year warranty adds up to an affordable tool for quick and efficient label making in any type of laboratory. High quality label materials designed specifically for the laboratory environment create durable, professional labels for your laboratory samples! It’s comfortable to hold, not heavy and can easily be operated while wearing gloves. It also has a large backlit display so you can clearly see all the details you’re entering before you print. It will run off the included rechargeable battery pack* or 6x AA batteries and has a selection of preloaded symbols that are all you’d need for your lab samples.


  • Stickers designed for cryo vials and slides.
  • Greek symbols & icons commonly used in labs
  • Vial label function automatically cuts the tape according to the size of the vial
  • Automatic serial numbering
  • Time & Date stamp
  • Large 3 line backlit display
  • ABC keypad, graphics library, hot keys and menu functions for fast label creation
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery* or 6x AA batteries
  • Magnet** for more convenient use and storage on laboratory benches
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and use.
  • Laboratory specific materials designed to withstand harsh laboratory environments.
  • High quality, long lasting labels that stick and stay stuck.
  • Prints on 6-19mm wide labels
  • Adjustable label length with the high performance continuous tapes
  • 7 different industry specified materials that last

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Brady BBP31 & BBP33

As with every Brady printer, the quality of the product never ceases to impress me. Being in the position I am, I’m fortunate enough to play around with many printers. The Brady BBP31 label printer is by far the easiest to use considering how advanced it is.
Everything inside is colour coded with guides so it’s almost impossible to accidentally put something in the wrong place or the wrong way round. Ribbons and labels will only go one way round. Everything that is yellow moves.
If something hasn’t been moved when it was meant to have been, it’ll tell you on the screen. If you’ve inserted the wrong ribbon for the media, it’ll tell you.
It has a wiper arm for continuous media which it recommends lowering. This is so it can remove any dust from the media before it’s printed to. Continuous media can be subject to static which causes the attraction of dust. Printing onto dust can cause a loss in quality one way or another. The printer will also warn you if the arm is not down when it should be and vice versa.
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