DYMO XTL 300 Review & Compare

DYMO XTL 300 Label Printer

It’s the little brother!

The XTL 300 is the XTL 500’s little brother. It does nearly all the same features but in a smaller package. It prints tape sizes up to 24mm wide in a variety of materials, has a colour screen, a clicky QWERTY keyboard and rechargeable battery.


Fluorescent Brother TZe Tape

I was looking through the selection of TZe tapes available and thought to myself, “I wonder what the fluorescent tapes look like under an ultra violet light”, so I searched the web. Much to my disappointment I couldn’t find a single image of what any of the TZe tapes looked like under a UV light. A few days later the UV torch we ordered turned up in the post.

Below I have setup five tapes with their respective part numbers printed on them. The first one is the flexible version of the ever-so-popular 12mm black on white. I was curious to see what the white tape looks like under UV as some whites react to the light, but most do not. The second tape is the matte lime green which I thought looked like it might react well. The third label is the matte pink that once again, I thought this might glow beautifully. Label number four is the first of the two fluorescent tapes; orange. And lastly we have the fluorescent yellow.

The labels are setup under a white light and then the UV light. Click anywhere on the image or drag the vertical white bar and you’ll see the comparison of the white and UV light.

Image 1
Image 2


Types of Plant and Produce Labelling

Self-tie – loop lock tags

The self-tie loop lock is a traditional method of tagging plants, shrubs and trees. As its name implies, the self-tie loop lock can be looped round the stem or branch of a plant and then the notched end locks into the “key-hole” shape at one end of the tag.

Product descriptions, prices and barcodes

White Vinyl Waterproof Labels are ideal for external or internal labelling where a good degree of weather resistance is required. These types of labels usually have a self-adhesive backing, making them ideal for printing product prices, barcodes and descriptions. Used in conjunction with high quality ribbons that are ideally suited to these labels, they will be waterproof and fade resistant, making the print last a long time in even the most extreme weather conditions. The variety of sizes on offer means that you can be sure to find the right size to fit your requirements.

Labels, small signs and stickers

Continuous Vinyl rolls are ideal for labels, small signs and stickers. Being on a continuous roll means that this self-adhesive vinyl can be easily made into stickers and labels of virtually any length. Along with the standard sizes listed they are available on request in a range of colours and sizes to suit your needs.

Labelling Alternative

Using labels keeps you looking professional and organised. Labelling documents, drawers, doors, products, envelopes and parcels are all part of the day-to-day. But can labels be used to give a retro and original theme?

It seem the idea for using the old school Dymo embossing tapes on items such as cards and invitations has been tossed around for a little while already. It gives a look and feel of a more hand-crafted, personalised item.

The embossers themselves are still available but are becoming more and more rare which is rather vintage in itself.

Don’t feel limited to using only embossing tape. There are plenty of tapes to use such as Brother’s black on silver metallic, the gold on black, and the fluorescent range of tapes. With a few of the Brother printers being computer-connected, you can use a huge variety of font styles to suit the purpose of the label. If your computer doesn’t have the font you’re looking for, there are plenty of fonts available for download online for free.

If you’re a creative individual it might be worth giving this a go for a few birthday/congratulations cards and wedding invitations. You could even setup as a bespoke card making service for friends and family. The only limit is your imagination. We’d love to see what you can create and we’d happily give your name a mention for any examples you send in.

Uses For Loop Lock Tags

Loop lock tags are not just for small trees and plants. We’ve discovered a selection of customers using them for all sorts of applications. Here are some of the applications that might be of some inspiration to you.


Last month we received a few enquiries for the loop lock tags from turkey rearers. As Christmas is the only time of the year where it’s acceptable for a family to devour an entire turkey the size of a small child; and turkeys need to be reserved for the big day. Customer were enquiring before purchasing to check if the loop lock will close around a turkey leg. The closed loop gives a ~55mm circumference (~18mm diameter) which should be suitable for a turkey, chicken or maybe even a duck leg; however they might be too loose for smaller poultry.

PAT Labels

In the past we’ve had a customer or two choose a few rolls of the green and a roll of the red loop locks. Why this interesting combination? Electrical testing – print on the green tags with the appliance ID, test date, contact details, and who it was tested by, then tag it on the cable of the appliance. Use the red ones if it failed the safety check.

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